Sex with escorts

It varies according to the type of prostitute and the situation. Prostitution can range from high-end escorts to drug addicts in urgent need of money. If you're a high-end prostitute, you'll almost certainly be well-protected and discreet. However, if you fall asleep with a drug-addicted street prostitute, you may be robbed or wake up to find her pimp threatening you.

Sex with escorts

According to the replies I read, many people believe that sex with sex workers is relatively risk-free. When it comes to sex with strangers, it's a no-brainer. On a regular basis, prostitutes have sex with a large number of people. People who have sex with prostitutes also have sex with a lot of other prostitutes. Prostitutes are encountered by travelers from all over the world in every location they visit. You've got a potentially explosive situation over here. I don't think any woman would accept sex work as a career unless she was desperate for cash and couldn't help.

An Indian man living in the United States refused to have sex with local women because he was afraid of contracting an STD (not prostitutes). If you have sex with any promiscuous woman, you face the risk of contracting an STD. The same is true for prostitutes. Anyone who sleeps with complete strangers (even prostitutes) risks contracting an STD. A distant ancestor of mine contracted syphilis after encountering prostitutes. Because his sex organ had grown infected, doctors had to amputate it.

How safe is it to have sex with escorts and condoms?

Condoms cannot be relied upon to give long-term protection. One dumb misstep is all it takes to throw oneself into trouble. Any promiscuous woman (even prostitutes) can have long-term consequences from a casual sexual encounter.

The majority of promiscuous people have a large number of sex partners, who have a large number of sex partners, who have a large number of sex partners, and so on. Anyone who visits prostitutes (including promiscuous women) runs the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD).

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